Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Surgery 5-5-11

As some of you know I've lost a lot of weight in the last year and a half. Actually 169 pounds all together.
This is me right after the surgery in Nov 2009. I was about 312 here. Size 32W - 5X! I had already lost 32 pounds before the surgery. My highest, I'll admit to, is 344 when I was working for the Michigan Department of Corrections.

With Don's support, help, encouragment and lots of exercise.... walking, riding bikes, fishing...

ttttaaaa ddddaaaaahhhhh!!!

Here I am April 2011. Size 14!!

so tomorrow my deflated balloon tummy is going to be TRANSFORMED!!! My hourglass figure will be back!!!

....actually it's been so long since it was hourglass I don't even remember...maybe 16???

The surgery is suppose to take 3-4 hours. according to the doctor the first week is "rough"!

no lifting, exercise, swimming, etc for 6-8 weeks!

Please keep me and my family in your positive thoughts and prayers!


  1. You look FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! Thoughts and prayers to you through your surgery.

  2. AWESOME!!! Way to go Judy...Prayers for you and your family ...that you have a speedy recovery and everything will go fine for you....

  3. What a transformation!!!! You look absolutely wonderful. Praying for a quick and uneventful surgery and recovery!

  4. Yay for YOU! What determination and strong will you have. Kudos!!!

  5. You know you are in our thoughts and prayers! Can't wait to hear how well you did during and after surgery, dear friend. Bob the Babe is having his knee done at the same time you are having your surgery, so I will be sending up plenty of prayers for both of you. Take care, and be a good nurse!! Blessings to you and the whole family. We love you.

  6. Wow, you look great. Will keep you in my prayers.

  7. I'm so excited for you.. You have done so well.. Can't wait to see the hour glass fiqure.. I know you'll bee stunning. Love ya lots..

  8. You are amazing! I hope recovery is a breeze and you can color and paper craft all you want. Love yah, trish