Friday, April 29, 2011

Jingle Belles Rock Card 18

Over at Jingle Belles Rock blog site they do a weekly Christmas card Challenge! this week is to make a Christmas Card without using designer paper!!! It's a CARDSTOCK CHRISTMAS!!!

These are my cards for this Challenge! I drew inspiration from Splitcoaststampers Weekly Inkling #258 for a really cool side step card! It's really easy and quick! I can also see it with sand but that's another card. Since each card starts out at 5 1/2 x 81/2 you get two from one sheet of cardstock!! I then used my cuttlebug and embossed white cardstock with the Winter Village folder and 2 different snowflake folders.

It's hard to tell in these pictures but I cut the Winter village down to be the big step on the left side of one card and for the other I used it as the last step on the right for depth of field...

The snow flake folders were hand cut with my decorator scissors to mimic snow drifts. I used some stickers from my stash for Christmas Joy and found some rub ons clear in the bottom of my stash for the share Joy! Both images were colored by mom, who is 99 and still coloring strong!!! I used glitter everywhere on the Christmas Joy Card for Lauren at Jingle Belles and sparkly ribbon for me.On the Share Joy card I used stick on bling that I won from over at Betty Bee's BuzzHope you like them they were fun to do and really easy! Check it out!! and give it a try!!!

check out over at Jingle Belles Rock and see what the other papercrafters came up with sans designer paper!!! should be lots of great ideas!!!

Let me know if you have any ideas to make my photos better. I've tried editing them on Picnik but still not happy with the results.... what am I doing wrong!?! The cards are so much better in person!!!

Buzz Brag and Bee Happy!

Every Friday at Betty Bee's Buzz we get to Buzz, Brag and BEE Happy!

Wow I can't believe that it is Friday already!!! Michelle is home

from Pennsylvania visiting this week! We've been catching up, eating out and packing

SOME of her stored stuff to take back to PA to her new apartment!

Busy, busy, busy!!! Hug your family!!! BEE HAPPY!

Judy Ford

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Iris Folding for Honeybee Showcase April 27, 2011

This is Iris folding with ribbon! Betty Brett from Betty Bee's Buzz did a Monday Motivational on Iris folding. I used the template for a pentagon shape from her tutorial and 5 diffferent ribbons from a coordinated set in my stash. I really like the way it swirls around... next time I think I'll use a circle or a simplier shape so the rotation of the colors would be more evident!

it's fun and easy! give it a try.... maybe you'll get a small HELLO at the end too!!!

Check out Betty Bee's Buzz and the other honeybees version of Betty's Tutorial!

Thanks Betty! I'm learning a lot by beeing a bee!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Stamptacular Sunday Challenge # 108 PILE IT ON!!!

This Sunday at Stamptacular Sunday Challenge # 108 is PILE IT ON! You must have at least 5 layers on your card. This is my card for that challenge.
Card layers include:

Card Base

Red striped background

Brown background

Grumpy the dwarf with axe - 2 layers

Circle Happy Birthday with eyelet and "screw" - 4 layers

He who has the most tools wins stamp - shadow - ribbon - 3 layers

what do ya think??? How'd I do????

Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday April 22, 2011 - Buzz, Brag and Bee Happy at Betty Bee's Buzz

Every Friday at Betty Bee's Buzz we honeybees let y'all know what we've been up to this week by Buzzing, Bragging, or just what's making us happy.

I'm a braggin - My grandson Jackson, will be going to Madison for Kindergarten in the fall! He was so excited to get to go to Kindergarten Round-up. He may get to ride a bus and EVERYTHING!!! I do worry about him because like his grandma judy, he's so shy and quiet. He does know a couple of the other kids from his Squirts Soccer and T-ball. That poor teacher! Do you think I should warn her or just let her find out for herself???!!!! Been getting quite a bit of exercise! Putting away my stuff and picking up branches! I love our old trees but in the spring there is a lot of work cleaning up from ice storms and high winds! Then in the fall picking up all those yellow and crimson leaves is back breaking... but in between the wonderful shade for the deck and back yard and the light twinkling thru those big beautiful maple leaves is wonderful!!!
Hope you have been able to check out all the bee-u-tiful cards that are linked to Jingle Belles Rock and Betty Bee's Buzz. They are awesome and so inspirational! Gotta copy em!!!
Hope your week has been wonderful! Take time to smell the flowers and watch those robins! Spring is coming to Michigan..... I think pretty soon it should be here.... well ok, maybe.... lol

Thursday, April 21, 2011

RECYCLE - Reuse and Jingle - plastic bag double slider card Jingle Belles Rock Card #17

At Jingle Belles Rock this week challenge was to recycle, reuse... and JINGLE!!!

I chose plastic bag strips to recycle...

a SU stamp set I haven't used in years to reuse...

and JINGLE well I've always been known as a DING A LING... hahahahaThis is an easy and flashy card to make for any event.

Supplies: 5 1/2 x 11 cardstock for base of card
2 - 3 1/4 x 5 1/2 cardstock for top and bottom slider
plastic bag strip 1- 1 1/2 x 12 1/2
Punches - Crop-o-dile - Ribbon
Tacky tape 1/4"
Bone folder
Stamps - copics - glitter - other embellishments as desired

Start with base cardstock 5 1/2 x 11. Score at 3 1/2 - 7 /18 - 10 5/8.

Use bone folder to make creases sharp.Put a small f in the center section to mark the front of your card as a reminder.

Plastic grocery bag strip 1-1 1/2 wide x 12 1/2 long (needs to be long enough to wrap around and lap over) Wrap around cardstock so it's snug but not TOO TIGHT...needs to slide.Adhere together at bottom of card - apply adhesive generously but only to the plastic strip do not get any on the cardstock or it won't slide.

Front top slider - 3 1/4 x 5 1/2 Apply adhesive to bottom of plastic bag strip.
Using 3/4" round punch - punch a semi circle in the top center of the front section.

Line up with image up - do a dry run to make sure slides out and it's facing the right way...

Bottom slider - 3 1/4 x 5 1/2 Fold in.

Adhere to top of card with image face down on plastic bag strip.Do a Dry run - TA DA!!!Put 1/4 sticky strip on edge.
Take off sticky strip cover. Wrap around slider mechanism (bottom slider)

to attach to base of card.

Place pencil mark center of semicircle - pull out to attach ribbon at dot with stapler or make hole with punch or crop-o-dile and thread ribbon thru hole and tie.

Decorate front. Here is the card closed.(As you can probably tell already my sample card didn't Jingle my bells with the white... so I traded up with the burgandy)I colored my Renaissance Angel with Copics for Betty Bee at Betty Bee's Buzz and
Glittered the wings and the bottom slider angel wings too for Lauren at Jingle Belles Rock.

Here is the card open.Happy sliders to you!!!!

try it out it's very easy to do and recycling is good for Mother Earth!!

Check out the wonderful samples at Jingle Belles Rock

and the other papercrafter's links to their version of recyle, reuse and JINGLE!

let me know what you think!

Judy Ford

Monday, April 18, 2011

Jingle Belles Rock April 20, 2011 - Lauren guest designer

This week Lauren is a guest designer from Jingle Belles Rock weekly card challenge.

Our Challenge is to do Christmas Card with a Die Cut.

I used retired SU Hunter Green cardstock for the card base and the pocket. I used my cuttlebug to emboss the background with my Winter House Folder. The adorable snowman is from my Cricut/Expression Winter Wonderland Cartridge. He is not attached in the pocket. He actually is a gift certificate. I've written on the back "My treat to dinner and a Movie". The recipient can cash in the gift certificate and then the snow man can embellish the scrapbook page of the event! I used my Martha Stewart Drippy Goo Punch to accent the card pocket. There is glitter on the punch, house roofs and snow in the sky for Lauren, she LOVES glitter and is dragging me right behind her (LOL).

This is going to be a great Christmas as I am going to have a bunch of cards done

BEFORE the Christmas rush!!! Enjoy! Thanks for looking!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Traveling - No computer

we're almost all packed. Next is the computer! so I'll catch up with ya'll in a few days! Thanks for checking out my blog!!!

Buzz, Brag and Bee Happy with Betty Bee's Buzz April 15, 2011

Every Friday at Betty Bee's Buzz is Buzz, Brag, and Bee Happy. For this Friday April 15, 2011, I'm mostly buzzing. Tomorrow mom and I fly back to Michigan for the summer. What do people do in Michigan in the summer??? Well, for us, if it falls on a Saturday we have a picnic... ROTFLMBO!!! Seriously, the weather man said for Saturday a HIGH of 55 and a low of 34!!! As you can tell I'm "mostly" packed.... much to Don's shagrin there are 3 more big suitcases and mom's walker and misc last minute stuff.... good thing we got the big white truck and cap!!! so not much creating this week... I'll get unpacked and bundled up and then get creating again to share with y'all...
I am happy we are cross-pollinating with the Jingle Belles Rock group next week! They are a wonderful bunch that have decided to take back Christmas one card at a time. They do a different theme each week. When you decide to play along, Lauren from Jingle Belles Rock LOVES glitter, so pile it on and tell her a little bee told ya to do it!!! Check it out!!!

Thanks for looking! be seeing you around the block!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Freezer Paper Stencil - Fabric Paint - April 13, 2011

Over at Betty Bee's Buzz one of the Honeybees does a Tutorial every Monday.

Then on Wednesday, the other Honeybees do their version of the tutorial

called Honeybee Showcase.

This week our Queen Bee - Betty Bee did a tutorial on Freezer Paper Stencils

to use with fabric paints.

This is my version that I did on the sweat towels that Don and I use at the gym. I used my Give a Hoot Expression/Cricut Cartridge. You can get freezer paper at your grocery or wallyworld store. Put the dull side down on your cricut mat, the shiny side doesn't stick quite as well. If you use words make sure you hit your flip key on the Expression before you cut it out. Very carefully remove your stencil, make sure you don't tear it! You then iron the freezer paper to your project, shiny side down. Check to make sure you have all the small inner pieces if your stencil is very intricate. Make sure it's ironed down tight so you don't get any bleed under! Then your ready to paint your project! I used 1" foam brushes and glitter fabric paint.

Make sure you protect your work surface and/or the back of your tshirt from

bleed thru with a towel or cardboard. Let set for a few minutes then carefully pull your stencil straight up and

away from your project. Let dry completely.

My fabric paint said 24 hours and can be washed in 72. You just have to read your label.
Check it out over to Betty Bee's Buzz and see what the other Honeybees did this week!

Thanks for looking!!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Shark infested waters off the gulf coast of Tampa Bay.... oooooooo...... aaaaaaahhhhhh..... was really fun to catch.... we let him/her?? go right after snapping the picture cuz he/she didn't snap off any fingers.... the grunts and black bass were not as lucky.... they became our supper!!!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Jingle Belles Rock card 15 ghost of Christmas present

This is my card for Jingle Belles Rock Card 15 - Ghost of Christmas Present. This week they have a guest designer - Clare from miscanthus crafts. Clare's "recipe" for this week, the ingredients are: 1. as white as a ghost 2. a present 3. a bow or knot 4. touch of Christmas Colors. So here is my ghost of Christmas Present. The background is ghostly white cuttlebug embossed with Snow circles. The Red Frame is cut out with Sizzix hanging frame with scallops that I got as a door prize from Betty Bee's Buzz swarm in March. The pinecones and Christmas greenery are from my Expression Joys of the Season Cartridge. The presents streaming thru the frame are a stamped image colored by my mom, who is 99, in her version of Christmas colors. The glitter on the pinecones, greenery and present's bows is for Lauren. (LOL) I think I mixed in all the ingredients for Clare's recipe and am very happy with my card #15 - ghost of Christmas Present. Thanks for looking! Let me know what you think! Check out the other cards at Jingle Belles Rock Judy Ford

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Friday April 8 Buzz Brag and Bee Happy at Betty Bee's Buzz

Every Friday is Buzz, Brag and Bee Happy at Betty Bee's Buzz. This week I'm buzzin and braggin! My husband Don and I went out to Eggmont, near Tampa Bay on April 7th and I caught this bee-utiful 19in grouper. Too small to filet but a ton of fun to catch!!! My good friend, Henrietta Hoffman, and I donated 16 quilts to the local branch of Florida Baptist Children's Homes that we had made over this winter season. they were so excited to get them. They are completely funded by private donations and the Bradenton Florida branch deals only with foster care homes. Sherri was so excited to get these quilts and we could tell she was picking out the children that would receive them as she excitedly looked over our donation. She said these children are all ages and are coming out of crisis, abuse, violence, horrors to awful to even imagine. So many come to them with only the clothes on their backs or with a few things stuffed in garbage bags. Our hearts go out to these children. Henrietta and I are making this our ongoing project. Each month we will take over the quilts we've completed. Next year, we hope to expand our efforts with help from other members of our trailer community by doing a weekly sewing project at our hall. Sherri also said they can use small suitcases, bookbags or totes so the children can put their things in something other than a trash bag! Garage sales here I come.... bags, batting, material.... wow retail therapy for a good cause!!!! Judy

Monday, April 4, 2011

Stamptacular Sunday Challenge #105

This is my card for this week's Stamptacular sunday Challenge #105.

Buttons, Bling and BLOOM! Ahhhhh spring.... tulips, kittens, sunshine... yeah I'm ready!!!!

I used a Cuttlebug Embossed Background. My stamped image is one I received from Betty Brett from Betty Bee's Buzz. I colored it with my copic markers. I took classes from Betty on how to use them. She gave me several images and told me to practice, practice, practice!!! I used bling stickers from Stampendous for the kitten's pink collar. I raided a friend's (Henrietta Hoffman) button box and found these beautiful pearl buttons. The lace is from my stash and the lace's bling is from a prize I won from Betty Bee's Buzz challenge in February.

I used my Give a Hoot Expression Cartridge for the Tulip border (times 3 layers) and some red roses paper from Joanne Fabrics for the tulips themselves.

Thanks for looking! Head on over to Stamptacular Sunday Challenge for other Buttons, Bling and BLOOM ideas!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Jingle Belles, Batman smells - Jingle Belles Rock Christmas Card Challenge 4-1-11

this is my humorous card for Jingle Belles Rock weekly Christmas Card Challenge. Since they do their challenges on Fridays and this last Friday was April Fools day.... well let's just say their humor is a LOT like mine!!!

I used one of mom's colorings of a snowman (She's 99 years young and still coloring images for me to turn into cards. Betty Brett from Betty Bee's Buzz has pictures of her swarm birthday party. Mom was interviewed by a local TV station, it was too cool!). I used a snowflake from my Expression Joys of the Season Cartridge. And JUST for Lauren there's glitter on the snowflake circles and also ALL over the snowman and snow he's sitting in.... the camera does not show the sparkle.... but it's there, really it is!!! The writing says SOME of my best friends are FLAKES!!!

Thanks for looking! Check out Jingle Belles Rock blogspot for everyone's take on this week's challenge.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Baby Card Challenge for Betty Bee's Buzz April 4, 11

these are my 2 cards for the Baby Card challenge at Betty Bee's Buzz. Betty has a gorgeous granddaughter and another on the way shortly! so we are all a-buzz about b-babies!!! Honeybee Courtney did an adorable shaped onesies card and then challenged us for extra points to include a onesies in our card or project.

So card #1 is a onesies from my Expression Cartridge Life's a Beach. For background a used a cuttlebug heart embossing folder in pealized blue color. The onesies is on a 3" black square that I punched Martha Stewart Heart corners. Then at a garage sale... in the FREE bin... I found this handmade lace. The lady took rickrack and wound it together to make the center section then hand crocheted the top edge and bottom shell borders!!! it's very cool in person!!! She said they used to put them on pillow cases!!!

For Card #2 - I used my Life's a Party Cartridge. I did Iris folding for the giraffe's tummy after blocking out his neck, legs and tail.... I used my copics to highlight the head.... I'm thinking I might redo it with a iris fold or blockin out too... not sure I like the yellow head floating above the body... what do you think???

I put the Solid Giraffe on the inside and tied a lavender ribbon at the fold!

Thanks for looking! Hug your babies! even if they're grown, every day let someone know how special they are to you!!!

Check out Betty Bee's Buzz for other great cards and ideas!

Judy Ford