Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Freezer Paper Stencil - Fabric Paint - April 13, 2011

Over at Betty Bee's Buzz one of the Honeybees does a Tutorial every Monday.

Then on Wednesday, the other Honeybees do their version of the tutorial

called Honeybee Showcase.

This week our Queen Bee - Betty Bee did a tutorial on Freezer Paper Stencils

to use with fabric paints.

This is my version that I did on the sweat towels that Don and I use at the gym. I used my Give a Hoot Expression/Cricut Cartridge. You can get freezer paper at your grocery or wallyworld store. Put the dull side down on your cricut mat, the shiny side doesn't stick quite as well. If you use words make sure you hit your flip key on the Expression before you cut it out. Very carefully remove your stencil, make sure you don't tear it! You then iron the freezer paper to your project, shiny side down. Check to make sure you have all the small inner pieces if your stencil is very intricate. Make sure it's ironed down tight so you don't get any bleed under! Then your ready to paint your project! I used 1" foam brushes and glitter fabric paint.

Make sure you protect your work surface and/or the back of your tshirt from

bleed thru with a towel or cardboard. Let set for a few minutes then carefully pull your stencil straight up and

away from your project. Let dry completely.

My fabric paint said 24 hours and can be washed in 72. You just have to read your label.
Check it out over to Betty Bee's Buzz and see what the other Honeybees did this week!

Thanks for looking!!!

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