Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Food Glorious Food Betty Bee's Buzz June 22, 2011

Monday at Betty Bee's Buzz our Queen Bee Betty did the motivational on Food Glorious Food.

My version for the Honey bee Showcase is as follows:

This is an ABC recipe 6x6 swap I was in over at Cricut Web site. You sign up for a letter A-Z plus front and back covers. Then you do 28 identical sheets for the letter you chose. This particular swap asked also for a picture as well as the recipe. Judy Ford
You send your 28 pages to the hostess who seperates them and puts them all together and sends the completed book back to you! Yummy, tried and true recipes from all over are now at your house!!! Slide them into page covers put in an album or fasten with rings or ribbons or whatever makes it into your own book!!! The recipe is hard to read so I'll retype it here:
Orange Creamsickle Salad
1 pkg sm orange jello ( I used sugar free)
1 pkg sm instant vanilla pudding (also sugar free)
8 oz tub Cool Whip (I used lite)
1 20oz can Mandarin oranges

Dissolve jello in 1 cup hot water and cool.
Mix pudding with 2 C cold milk.
Thaw Cool whip and drain mandarin oranges.
When jello is fairly cool, combine all ingredients and stir.
Refrigerate until firm or ready to serve.

These pretzelflies are going to be consumed by mother's sunday school class

at their weekly luncheon.

Regular size cupcakes - wings are mini pretzels - body is size star 32 piped bodies with mini choc chip eyes! Yummy!!! a Happy little pretzelfly closeup!

Another favorite is called Tropical Angel Lush Cake
Sugar Free angel food cake
8 oz lite cool whip
lg sugar free vanilla instant pudding
lg can crushed pineapple in it's own juice
lg can mandarin oranges
coconut flakes
marchino cherries

Cut the angel food cake into thirds. Mix the thawed cool whip, pudding powder and crushed pineapple with juice together. Place 1/3 of the mix on the bottom layer. place some of the drained mandarin oranges over the mix and sprinkle some of the coconut. add the middle layer of cake and the second third of the mix. place some of the drained mandarin oranges and coconut as before. Add the top layer of cake. Add the remain mix mandarin oranges, coconut and marchino cherries. Refrigerate until firm or until ready to serve. Light, yummy and fairly low calorie treat!!! Pretty too!!!

Now that you're drooling go over to Betty Bee's Buzz and see what the other honeybees have come up with for Food Glorious Food!!! then let us know what is your favorite!!!

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