Thursday, June 16, 2011

weight loss pictures!!!!

This is where my story starts. These pictures were shortly after my gastric bypass in Nov 2009. At that time I was 344# (that's the highest I'll admit to...) size 32W/5X clothes. Now it's June 2011. These are the same top and shorts as before!!! I've LOST 180 POUNDS!!!
I'm now 164# and size 12 or less depending on the designer! Most people don't even recognize me until I say "HI!!! it's Judy!!!"

I did have an abdominalplasty 5 weeks ago.

It's hard to believe these are the same shorts... If I wiggled they'd be on the ground!!!

I wouldn't have had such good results without my dear husband Donald. He's cooked for me, exercised with me and supported me thru the whole thing. He's even lost 90 pounds! and he is in a smaller waist size than when we graduated from High school!!!

I don't remember size 12.... it's been a very, very long time! But worth the struggle!


  1. Wow Judy!!!! this is so exciting.. You look soo great!!!!! I'm so proud of you.. What an accomplishment... You should brag.. yell it to the world!!!!!!! Love ya my friend!

  2. Judy, is that really you! WOW, you are so small. You have a waist! I'm envious, lol. Great job on your weight loss and Don's also. You both prove it's never to late to take charge of your life. I hope your health has greatly improved also.

  3. All I can say you are amazing and such an inspiration to others that it can be done......AND YOU ARE THE PROVE THAT LIFE MARCHES ON IN A SMALLER SIZE!!!! Love and prayeers, Marsha