Friday, March 25, 2011

Buzz, Brag and Bee Happy Friday March 25, 2011

At Betty Bee's Buzz every Friday is Buzz, Brag and Bee Happy!!!! I am happy about Roe getting a little better and soon will be out of the hospital...and a new granddaughter for Betty... and a wedding for Wanda... and new house for Kristi!!! wow the honey bees are so blessed!!! I am happy, too, to show off a copics colored image. Thanks Betty for the classes. I watch everywhere for how the light plays off things and makes shadows. I also want to brag that I've been making lap quilts for a local nursing home. I only have the binding to handfinish on #3 and have #4 done ready to bind and #5 to finish.... I am thankful to miss Betty for helping me set up this Blog! I, too, am blessed with good friends, health, happiness and Florida Sunshine!!!
check out the other part of the blog for pictures!!!

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