Thursday, March 24, 2011

Volunteer Project - Lap quilts for nursing home

This is one of the lap quilts I did for some residents of a local nursing home. My good friend Henrietta Hoffman and I are each quilting away. The pattern is similiar to courthouse steps except you do front, padding, quilting and back all in one seam so we call it our Love Quilts.... cuz we love our seniors and we love having a good deed go so quickly. We can get a lap quilt completed including the handstiched binding in about 4 hours!!! CAN YOU SAY BRIGHT PINK what a focal color!!! The material was a donation from my good friend Connie Scott from Texas. The backing is flannel from my Michigan stash that I think was going to be nightgowns but this is so much more FUN!!! I should be able to do 4 before our project time runs out! 2 are completely done...1 more cut out and I have some more fall colored leafy material that should make at least 1 more...going to sew more tonight and all day tomorrow!!!! Happy stitching.... remember the stitch is lost if the thread isn't knotted......

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  1. Very pretty! Your talents are any and varied. So glad to have you as a HoneyBee sister :)